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TFT MODULE Advantage

TFT module is an abbreviation for thin film transistors. TFT-type display is a variety of notebook computers and desktops on the mainstream display device, the display of each LCD pixel points are integrated in the pixel behind the thin film transistor to drive, so TFT-type display is a class Active matrix liquid crystal display device. Is one of the best LCD color display, TFT-type display with high responsiveness, high brightness, high contrast, etc., its display close to the CRT display.

At the same time, TFT-type screen is also widely used in high-end color mobile phone, sub-65536 color, 16 million color, 16 million color three, the display is very good.

TFT refers to the liquid crystal display on each of the liquid crystal pixels are integrated in the subsequent thin film transistor to drive. TFT-LCD (thin film transistor liquid crystal display) is one of the most liquid crystal display.

TFTLCD, a thin film transistor LCD, is one of the active matrix type liquid crystal display (AM-LCD).

And TN technology is different, TFT display using "reverse type" irradiation - the imaginary light source path is not like TN LCD from top to bottom, but from the bottom up. This is the practice in the back of the LCD set a special light pipe, light source through the lower polarizing plate up through the light. As the upper and lower interlayer electrode into FET electrode and common electrode, FET electrode conduction, the performance of liquid crystal molecules will change, you can shine and light to achieve the purpose of the display, the response time greatly increased to 80ms or so. Because it has a higher contrast than the TN-LCD and richer colors, the screen update frequency is also faster, so the TFT commonly known as "true color."

TFT technology

In the a-Si, the three production base of the technology has its advantages. Japanese manufacturers have developed a resolution of up to 2560 × 2048 LCD products. Therefore, some people believe that a-Si TFT technology can fully meet the needs of high-resolution products, but because of the immaturity of the technology, it can not meet the needs of high-speed video images or animation. LTPS TFT can be relatively cost-effective, which for the promotion of TFT LCD is of great significance. At present, the Japanese manufacturers have a mass production of 12.1 inches LTPS

TFT LCD capabilities. While China Taiwan has developed LTPS component manufacturing technology and LTPS SXGA panel technology. South Korea in this regard the lack of specialized designers and research and development experts, but as Samsung and other major enterprises have launched the LTPS products, showing the strength of Korean manufacturers. However, the current LTPS technology is not yet mature, the product is concentrated in the small screen, and the yield is low, the cost advantage is still out of the question.

Compared with LTPS, a-Si is undoubtedly the mainstream of TFT LCD. Japanese companies a-Si TFT investment strategy is almost all third-generation LCD products, through manufacturing technology and improve the yield to improve production and reduce costs. Japan has been taking the high-end line, its technology is undoubtedly the most advanced. Due to limited research and development capabilities, Taiwan's a-Si TFT technology is mainly from the Japanese manufacturers of the transfer, but because Taiwan enterprises are generally labor-intensive, low technology content, to produce low-end products. South Korea has a strong R & D strength in a-Si, such as Samsung's mass production of the world's first 24-inch a-Si TFT LCD-240T, its response time is less than 25ms, to meet the general application needs; and viewing angle Reached 160 degrees, making the LCD in the traditional weaknesses do not lose to the CRT. Samsung 240T marks the big screen TFT LCD technology to mature, but also to show the world the strength of the Korean manufacturers no doubt.

working principle

TFT is the abbreviation of "Thin Film Transistor", generally refers to the thin film liquid crystal display, and actually refers to the thin film transistor (matrix) - can "take the initiative" on the screen to control the individual pixels, which is the so-called Of the active matrix TFT (active matrix TFT) of the origin. So how did the image produce? The basic principle is simple: the display consists of a number of pixels that can emit any color of light, as long as the control of each pixel shows the corresponding color can achieve the purpose. In the TFT LCD generally use backlight technology, in order to accurately control the color and brightness of each pixel need to be installed in each pixel after a similar shutters switch, when the "shutters" open when the light can be through, and "blinds" Turn off the light can not pass through. Of course, in practice, it is not as simple as it was said. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is the use of the characteristics of the liquid crystal (when heated for the liquid, when the crystallization of solid crystals), the general liquid crystal has three forms:

Smectic liquid crystals similar to clay

Similar to the fine matchmaking wire (Nematic) liquid crystal

Similar to Cholestic liquid crystal

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