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Monochrome LCD Display Of The Hierarchical Structure

Liquid crystal display (LCD) English called Liquid Crystal Display, which is a liquid crystal control of light transmission technology to achieve the color of the display. As by controlling the light through the light to control the light and dark, when the color does not change, the LCD also remain unchanged, Monochrome LCD Display so no need to consider the refresh rate problem.

LCD display is composed of different parts of the hierarchical structure. The LCD is made of two glass plates, about 1 mm thick, separated by a uniform interval of 5 μm containing a liquid crystal material. Since the liquid crystal material itself does not emit light, Monochrome LCD Display so on both sides of the display are provided as a light source of the lamp, and in the back of the LCD screen has a backlight (or light plate) and reflective film, the backlight is composed of fluorescent substances Can emit light, its role is to provide a uniform background light source. At present a large number of LCD using LED backlight, Monochrome LCD Display energy saving and brightness have improved.

The light emitted by the backlight plate enters the liquid crystal layer containing thousands of liquid crystal droplets after passing through the first layer of the polarizing filter layer. The droplets in the liquid crystal layer are contained in a small cell structure, and one or more cells constitute a pixel on the screen. Monochrome LCD Display Between the glass plate and the liquid crystal material is a transparent electrode, the electrode is divided into rows and columns, at the intersection of rows and columns, by changing the voltage to change the liquid crystal rotation state, the role of liquid crystal material similar to a small light valve. Monochrome LCD Display At the periphery of the liquid crystal material is a control circuit portion and a driving circuit portion. When the electrode in the LCD generates an electric field, the liquid crystal molecules are distorted, Monochrome LCD Display so that the light passing through them is regularly refracted and then filtered through the filter of the second layer on the screen. The color is produced in the filter layer of the color filter here.

Color filter is composed of red, green, Monochrome LCD Display blue three colors of the filter, regularly produced on a large glass substrate. Each pixel is made up of three color units (or subpixels). If there is a panel resolution of 1280 × 1024, then it actually has 3840 × 1024 transistors and sub-pixels.

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