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LCD Display Soft Does Not Hurt Eyes

Liquid crystal display, for the flat ultra-thin display device, which consists of a certain number of color or black and white pixels, placed in front of the light source or reflective surface. LCD power consumption is very low, so much favored by engineers, suitable for the use of battery electronic equipment. Its main principle is to stimulate the liquid crystal molecules to produce points, lines, surface with the back of the lamp composition of the screen.

The working principle of liquid crystal display: liquid crystal is a kind of solid and liquid between the special substances, it is an organic compound, under normal liquid, but its molecular arrangement and solid crystals are very regular, so named LCD Another characteristic of its existence is that if an electric field is applied to the liquid crystal, it changes its molecular arrangement, and if it is given a polarizer, it has the effect of preventing the passage of light (when no electric field is applied, Smooth through), if coupled with the color filter, change the size of the LCD voltage added to change the amount of light can be a certain amount of light, you can also say that the image changes at both ends of the LCD voltage can change its transparency (But in practice this must be with the polarizer).

The picture is soft and does not hurt the eyes

Unlike the CRT technology, the LCD screen does not flicker, can reduce the monitor's eye damage, eyes are not easy to fatigue.

Liquid crystal display green, its energy consumption relative to the traditional CRT, it is simply too small (17 '' power is probably between 65-12W); for gradually causing people to pay attention to the noise pollution is also missed, because Its own work characteristics determine that it does not produce noise (for those who like to use the computer side, while the rhythm of the user to play the noise of the display, not to be considered here); LCD is also a benefit is the heat comparison Low, long time will not have the feeling of baking hot, which is the previous display unparalleled, before the display, but valuable, especially in summer, home air conditioning, fans have to service it to cool it. The use of liquid crystal display virtually empty for the atmosphere, but also to prevent the warming of the atmosphere to contribute. While reducing radiation and reducing environmental pollution. Of course, the environmental protection will not be less radiation this index, although we can not say that the LCD monitor is completely no radiation, but relative to the radiation of large CRT, as well as daily appliances radiation, the LCD that little bit of radiation is simply negligible The

In fact, the era of simulation, and the future from the development trend of the times is the digital age. Display intelligent operation, digital control, digital display is a necessary condition for future displays. With the advent of the digital age, digital technology will completely replace the analog technology, LCD will soon replace the analog CRT display.

But from another aspect of the LCD display digital interface is not universal, but also far from the application areas. In theory, the liquid crystal display is a pure digital device, and the computer host connection should also be a digital interface, the advantages of using digital interface is self-evident. The first can reduce the signal loss and interference in the analog-to-digital conversion process; reduce the corresponding conversion circuit and components; followed by the need for clock frequency, vector adjustment.

Most of the liquid crystal display interface on the market is analog interface, there is a transmission signal susceptible to interference, the need to join the internal analog conversion circuit, can not upgrade to the digital interface and other issues. And, in order to avoid the occurrence of pixel flicker, you must do the clock frequency, the vector and the analog signal exactly the same.

In addition, the digital interface of the liquid crystal display has not yet formed a unified standard, with a digital output of the graphics card is rare in the market. In this way, the key advantages of liquid crystal display is difficult to fully play.

Physical characteristics

Liquid crystal is such an organic compound, at room temperature, showing the flow of both liquid and crystal optical anisotropy, which is called "liquid crystal." In the electric field, magnetic field, temperature, stress and other external conditions Under the influence of its molecules prone to re-arrangement, so that the various optical properties of liquid crystal changes, such as anisotropy of liquid crystal and its molecular arrangement vulnerable to external electric field, magnetic field control is the use of this liquid crystal physical basis , That is, the "electro-optical effect" of the liquid crystal, the light is modulated by the electric signal, so as to make the liquid crystal display device.Under different current electric field, the liquid crystal molecules will do regular rotation 90 degrees, resulting in the difference in light transmittance In the power ON / OFF to produce the difference between light and shade, according to the principle of control of each pixel, can constitute the required image.

The physical characteristics of the liquid crystal is: when the power conduction, arranged in order to make the light easy to pass; no power when the arrangement of chaos, to prevent light through. Let the liquid crystal, such as the gate to block or let the light penetrate. Technically speaking, the LCD panel contains two very fine no sodium glass material, called Substrates, the middle sandwiched a layer of liquid crystal. When the light beam through this layer of liquid crystal, the liquid crystal itself will be arranged to stand or twisted irregularly, so the barrier or the smooth passage of the beam. Most of the liquid crystal is an organic complex, composed of long rods. In the natural state, the long axes of these rodlike molecules are substantially parallel. The liquid crystal will be poured into a well-machined grooved plane, the liquid crystal molecules will be arranged along the groove, so if those slots are very parallel, the molecules are completely parallel.

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