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LCD Display Interactive Use

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD, Chinese abbreviation of liquid crystal display) The main principle is to stimulate the liquid crystal molecules to produce points, lines, surface with the back of the composition of the lamp. At present, the common liquid crystal display devices are TN, STN, DSTN and TFT, LCD Display the first three kinds of manufacturing basic principles are the same, become passive matrix liquid crystal, and TFT is more complex, because of memory, and called active matrix liquid crystal The display has the advantages of small space, thin panel thickness, light weight, flat right angle display, low power consumption, no electromagnetic radiation, LCD Display no heat radiation and other advantages, so that gradually replace the traditional CRT CRT monitor.

 Three generations, four generations, five generations of plant definition, mainly from the glass substrate length and width dimensions, the more the next generation, the larger the area, LCD Display and in the same process, the larger the substrate area, the more able to cut out more TFT-LCD Panel, so to achieve economies of scale can effectively reduce manufacturing costs.

In all aspects than the current TV standards have advanced video system, a resolution of 720p or 1080i or more, Dolby AC3 digital channel sound, the highest ideal is to provide nearly 35 cm film quality.

High-resolution televisions are often used in conjunction with digital televisions, LCD Display both of which are analog and digital signals, but the latter are transmitted only in digital signaling.

High-definition television will be more and more widely distributed due to the distribution of fiber-optic facilities and digital satellites, and now the high-definition TV screen standard is 16: 9, wider than the current TV 4: 3.

Liquid crystal display is a liquid crystal material to develop, liquid crystal display, which is commonly known as LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen, LCD Display the main material of the LCD panel is "LCD".

A liquid crystal display is composed of a liquid crystal panel, a power supply module, a control module and a shell. The LCD panel is like a liquid crystal display, just as the image tube is in the traditional display.

 Thin film transistor (Thinfilmtransistor) abbreviation, LCD Display dynamic matrix flat panel display used by a technology, it is by the two polarizer, two glass, the middle with liquid crystal, so that the composition of the backlight and then assembled.

Brightness is the display in the white screen under the bright degree of the unit is cd / m2, or nit. High brightness value makes the screen more beautiful, not hazy fog. LCD Display Brightness units are cd / m2, or nits, (candlelight per square meter) brightness is an important factor that directly affects picture quality.

General color screen the most common signal connector, that is, D-shaped fifteen-pin connector, and these fifteen pins in addition to the ninth pin has no effect, LCD Display and sometimes will be directly removed by the manufacturers, the other four are responsible for the transfer Independent signal, the first to the third pin is mainly responsible for input R, G, B three primary colors; the fourth and fifth pins are ground pins; the sixth to the eighth pin is R, G, B ground pin; Eleventh is the level, LCD Display the vertical signal ground; the twelfth and fifteenth used by the DDC; thirteen and fourteen feet is responsible for the transmission of horizontal and vertical signals.

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