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LCD Display Flexible Development

Among the various flat panel displays (FPDs), the organic EL display is concerned with the mainstream technology as a flexible display because it can achieve high contrast, LCD Display high color performance range, and easy to achieve ultra-thin.

Representative electronic paper - electrophoretic display (EPD) has long been put into practical use as a flexible display. Moreover, this display screen is a memory type, no reflection type of the backlight, no polarizer, so you can get bright, no color display. But there are problems with color display and video display.

The LCD screen can achieve large-screen, high-precision, with a large color performance range can be achieved, as a high-quality display has been widely used. Moreover, the LCD screen manufacturing technology is very mature, LCD Display not long before, China's output will become the first. LCD Display But the liquid crystal is the liquid, must be arranged in an orderly, so, with the development of thin and flexible, the LCD screen in the display quality of the stability of the problem.

Flexible LCD requires a flexible backlit light. LCD Display Fig. 2 is a partial dimming backlight system in which a liquid crystal polymer composite film is used in a light guide plate for a backlight which can realize a thin flexible condition and contributes to a high contrast and power saving. The liquid crystal and the polymer in the composite film have molecular orientation, and can be expressed as light scattering or transparent by switching voltage.

The mobility of the organic thin film transistor (OTFT) is 1 to 10 cm2 / Vs, which exceeds 0.5 cm2 / Vs of the amorphous Si (a-Si) TFT. In this IDW, FlexEnable UK, "Invited PlasticLiquid Crystal Displays Enabled by Organic Transistor Technology" as the title, introduced the use of TAC film, LCD Display the use of active drive for the use of OTFT IPS LCD display results. TAC with a thickness of 40 μm is low birefringence, Rth <1 nm, Ro <1 nm, has the same optical characteristics as the glass substrate, and is suitable as a substrate for a liquid crystal display panel. The orientation control of the liquid crystal is controlled by light alignment, LCD Display aLCD Displaynd the thickness of the liquid crystal cell is controlled using a spacer formed by photolithography.

The use of newly developed liquid crystal materials with self-organizing polymer walls improves ruggedness. Trial of the OTFT drive IPS LCD screen screen size of 4.7 inches, the screen aspect ratio of 16: 9, the thickness of 300μm, remove the backlight after the weight of 10g. LCD Display The device can be bent to a degree of 50 mm. An OTFT fabricated at low temperatures below 100 ° C opens up new areas of application for active matrix backplanes.

OTFT bending radius of 0.5mm, 10,000 times after the test threshold voltage change is very small, very stable. The change of the on-state current is also stable.

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