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LCD Display Considerations

Liquid-crystal display, which is a graphic ultra-thin display device, which is composed of a certain number of colored or black-and-white pixels placed in a light source or reflected in front of a reflection. Liquid crystal display power consumption is very low, so the engineers favour, suitable for use of battery electronic equipment. Its main principle is to stimulate liquid crystal molecule to generate point, line, and the surface to match the back lamp tube.

Working principle of liquid crystal display, liquid crystal is a kind of special material between solid and liquid, it is an organic compound, normal is liquid, but its molecular arrangement is very rules and solid crystals, so named liquid crystal, it's another special qualities is that if applying an electric field to the LCD, can change its molecular arrangement, then if you give it with polarized light, it will have a stop light through a role (without applying an electric field, the light can be smoothly through), if combined with color filters, change to the LCD voltage size, can change a color how much the amount of light, also can change that image to light transmittance of voltage at the ends of the LCD can change it (but in practice it must be with polarizing film).

The attention of LCD monitor

1. When connecting the LCD screen and the circuit board, it is recommended to use the rubber strip or soft belt to connect, not direct welding or mechanical connection, and the screen of the upper PIN agrees to welding PIN.

2. When assembling, it is necessary to keep the fingers in mind to not push too hard on the appearance. Otherwise, it will cause problems or shorten its service life; .

3. The operating voltage of the direct current or the driving voltage higher than the LCD will decrease the life of the LCD.

4. Be careful of the LCD delivery process. If the screen is contaminated, use alcohol to wipe off the dirt.

5. Soft and prone to damage and easy to damage, it should be kept in mind when operating, if it is covered with anti-damage or pollution, it should be removed when applied.

6. Clean the polarizing film with dry, soft cloth. If it is not clean, please wipe the dirt with a few gasoline to prevent the use of organic solvents as much as possible. .

7. Use alcohol to wipe off the screen before heat seal or ACF.

8. The LCD screen is electrically driven sensitive equipment, and the electrode cannot be broken, otherwise it will not appear.

9. Liquid crystal cannot be swallowed, if occasionally touched, please flush with water immediately.

The LCD module is briefly introduced

Liquid crystal display technology is a new high technology in recent years, liquid crystal display is widely used in all walks of life, especially in the instrument instrument is more common

Liquid crystal display module is the direct result of the microelectronics technology development, it sets the LCD screen, drive circuit and control circuit as a whole, greatly simplifies the application of the circuit design, saving hardware and space, the instrument of choice for display devices.

Liquid crystal display is a passive display that does not light up and can only use the ambient light. It shows a pattern or character with only a small amount of energy. Low power consumption and miniaturization make LCD a better display.

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