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AMOLED DISPLAY Technological Development

With the rigid AMOLED to flexible AMOLED technology upgrades, the global OLED industry has formed a flexible AMOLED is the direction of technological development consensus. At the same time, from the direction of the development of end products, flexible AMOLED display is the consumer demand for smart phones, wearable equipment, AMOLED DISPLAY VR and other products, but also a revolutionary change in display mode. In the future, with the further popularization of flexible AMOLED display applications, while expanding the display space form, AMOLED DISPLAY it is expected to create huge new demand and terminal display applications, the development potential is huge.

OLED has a bendable characteristics, based on this feature, flexible display products will also have unlimited application possibilities, is to show the development trend of the industry. And the current development of flexible display technology, folding display will be the future of flexible display products, an important direction of development. "

At present, the development of flexible AMOLED industry, AMOLED DISPLAY in addition to flexible AMOLED display itself need to continue to obtain technological breakthroughs, but also need to upstream and downstream industry chain collaborative innovation and development, if you can simultaneously integrate materials and terminal innovative technology solutions, flexible technology will give the entire industry chain The development of a vast space. Dr. Huang Xiuqi said: "For flexible AMOLED display, especially the folding AMOLED display, AMOLED DISPLAY both a major opportunity, but also in all aspects are facing challenges in this situation, the need for technical research and development and production experience as a basis for the accumulation, Open up the industrial chain upstream and downstream to establish the ecosystem, we in the ecosystem which play a good role in order to do a good job, AMOLED DISPLAY work together to promote flexible AMOLED display industry development.

Flexible display technology is divided into four stages of development: the first stage, to achieve a full screen display; the second stage, to achieve a fixed uniaxial folding; the third stage, to achieve parallel multi-axis folding; the fourth stage, to achieve full flexibility Display, AMOLED DISPLAY can be folded or even stretched. With its flexible AMOLED display technology at the front of the industry, AMOLED DISPLAY Vincent offers the world's first 3mm bend radius full-screen curled flexible AMOLED display and the world's first 3mm bend radius 180 degree flexure AMOLED display module with 180 Degree of folding flexible AMOLED display module has completed 40,000 times the reliability test. AMOLED DISPLAY The introduction of the sample, for the flexible display prompted a new application direction, is expected to subvert the intelligent terminal product design for the industry to establish a benchmark for flexible technology development.

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