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FSTN LCD Customized graphic lcd china manufacturer green yellow white bue LCD display module

Htend Display Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the leading fstn lcd suppliers, OLED manufacturer,and a customized FSTN LCD display, FSTN LCD module manufacturer, we are always at your service.

FSTN LCD Display

FSTN LCD, full name is Formulated Supper Twisted Nematic LCD, has all advantages of STN, and a better background color, however the cost is highest too. 

Htend display Tech. offers a low current high-resolution solution to meet your request. We have an extensive range of FSTN LCD Modules with various backlight,led backlight combinations.At mean time,we produce OLED modules for popular smart electronic devices. Htend’s FSTN LCD modules can be used on instrument,medical and industry machinery equipment as well as electrical home appliances, consumer electronics.

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