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Alphanumeric LCD Display Module yellow/green STN type Monochrome display

Htend Display Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the leading alphanumeric lcd display module suppliers, and a top level China custom alphanumeric lcd display module manufacturer, we are always at your service.

Alphanumeric LCD Display Module

Alphanumeric LCD Display Module is consist of LCD panel and IC, FPC with/without Backlight.

As a original china lcd display manufacture, Alphanumeric LCD Display and Alphanumeric LCD Modules are our advantage items. New technical concepts allow us to achieve wide temperature range modules without price increase. While we are not able to sell any customized LCDs to other clients regarding our Tooling Agreement. Semi-custom and full-custom capabilities designed to provide the right solution to the most challenging application.

Please test us - we would like to support you!

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